My name is Colin Senner.

Email: colin.senner (at) gmail.com

I’m here for a myriad of reasons, but my dream has always been to create video games.  Ever since my first pc, a cyrix 386 with 32mb of ram and 700mb HD, I’ve been in love with computers and games.

I’ll never forget:

  • dying over and over again to that damn grue in Zork
  • accidently using the magic wand in Zork 2 with too much ‘[zap]ing stuff and having to restart
  • falling in love with Myst
  • running MUDs with friends
  • getting my first Monster 3d card to play Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six
  • obliterating enemies with a bloody mess headshot in Fallout
  • clicking archers in Warcraft 2 till they said something crazy
  • my MF teleporting Sorc in Diablo 2

To all the brilliant minds behind the years of enjoyment, thank you.

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  1. Jan Melichar


    my name is Jan Melichar from Prague in the Czech republic and I am currently cooperatiing in writing the book
    about 3ds Max, especially the chapter about MAXScript.

    This book is planned to be released in autumn and I would like to ask you whether I can add your script
    ReLink Bitmaps to the DVD which will be attached to the book. The point is that readers can learn your script and
    that your script can be more popular :).

    In case I obtain your approval, I am going to write your name and homepage in the book with relation to your script, of course :).

    Thank you for your answer.

    Kind regards,

    Jan Melichar

  2. Mario

    Hello, I need to modify the Vray batch render pro plugin so it loads all types of files supported (3ds, obj, dwg, etc), and to load all files in sub directories also, not only the “root” directory you assign. Would you do this? Please contact me ASAP

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  4. Stefanos Tsogias

    Dear Colin,

    after some years without any use of 3dsmax, I started using it again.

    Meanwhile I have changed my PC and that is why I felt the need for your script again.

    Unfortunately, the licence file you had sent me, doesn’t work anymore.

    I use 3ds max 2010 64bit.


    Thank you in advance

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