Hey ZBrushers,
Here is the base model (obj format) I used for my sculpt. Just give me credit for the base mesh and happy ZBrushing!

WIP Render:

Wireframe and UVs:

Download the base mesh (obj) (right-click “Save Target As”)

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  1. Akif

    I need some help. I carteed a high poly model in Zbrush 4. I am trying to load a normal map to a low poly version of this model into 3dstudio max. I just dont know what the right steps are. Every time i try to load the normal map in 3d studio max i only see blue on the model. Please help. I am using ZBrush 4 and 3d studio max 9. My goal is to get high res looking models carteed in Zbrush into a low poly version but still looking high res in 3d studio max. Thanks so much for your help!

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