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Download Relink Bitmaps v2.10

Friends, head over to the Autodesk App Store and give me an honest review please.  If you do, send me your request code and your reviewer name for a free license.  Any review, positive or negative, is valid for this offer.

As featured in 3D World – August 2011

(Self-installing .mzp file, just run this script via:  “Maxscript->Run script”)

 Note: The file when downloaded should be “Relink Bitmaps v2.##.mzp” (NOT ZIP, IExplorer makes it a Zip file)
INSTALLATION:  In 3dsMax, goto MAXScript -> Run Script, and run the file you downloaded above “Relink Bitmaps v2.##.mzp


This tool is available to the community for free, but I kindly request if you see the value in time this tool saves you, that you donate whatever you can to help me pay off student loans.  Every donation helps immensely.  I do however understand that we’re all in this mess somehow and I understand if you aren’t able to donate at this time.  To donate simply click the “Donate!” button on the script.  I am suggesting $10 for an individual, but whatever you can spare will insure the future development of this script and updates.

Tested thoroughly with (32-bit and 64-bit):   Max 9-2017

2.10 Changelog

  • Added support for FStorm Render – Bitmaps/Lights/Proxies, thanks to Nikita Gushchin!
  • Fixed the “$directory not recognized” error
  • [NEW] Option to automatically search the Max scene directory

2.09 Changelog

    • CoronaBitmap / CoronaProxy / CoronaLight support added (this didn’t get added to 2.08 even though I meant it to).
    • Changed the functionality of the read-only browse (because I didn’t like how I did it last verison)
    • Fixed the stupid error with the “RemindMe=” bug that users experienced when they pressed “Remind Me in a week”
    • Octane render is still impossible for me to support at the moment, they handled filenames strangely.  Contact them if you want support added, my forum name on their forums is colinsenner.

2.08 Changelog

  • Corona Render Fully supported
  • Browse buttons are Read-only share friendly
  • Attempted to support Octane Render, but the way they are exposing their custom map types like Image_Texture are not in line with any other plugin I’ve seen, if you want Octane support, it’d be best to contact them on their forums or email directly to help me resolve the issue, they were unhelpful when I attempted to contact them to resolve this.  My forum name on Octane forums is colinsenner.


  • All 3dsmax supported Bitmap Texture types
  • (new) Relinks Mental Ray Proxy files
  • (new) Relinks VRay Proxies (.vrmesh)
  • (new) Relinks VRayHDRI files
  • (new) Relinks IES files (including VRayIES files)
  • (new) Automatically checks for script updates and new versions
  • 250% speed increase from previous versions
  • Command-line mode available for automating repetative tasks (see documentation below)
  • Configurable default user options saving button clicks and wasted time

Just a quick thank you to Christopher Grant at Scriptspot, and the users who have shared their time and ideas (and donations) to make this script better:   brittnell, hongxu, fajar and others!

As always, thank you for everything and be well,



[FIXED version 2.10]
 $directory not recognized:  errors

A: The problem is there’s a ‘$’ token in one of your paths.  Windows allows a directory to contain a ‘$’ token like this:   c:\3d\models\couch$\couch.max.  The problem is max doesn’t allow this because it’s a reserved keyword.  The quick fix is to open the Max Asset Tracking and remove all paths (“Strip Path”) for all directories with a ‘$’ in it.  I’ll fix this next update.

Q: Every time I open 3dsmax a message saying “Relink bitmaps is now installed….”.

A: To fix your problem though: search your max root folder for “” and delete it. That should fix everything.  This is because it wasn’t installed as an .mzp file.  The script file should be named “Relink Bitmaps v#.#.mzp”. Some browsers rename .mzp to .zip (annoyingly). If you in max do Maxscript->RunScript and pick the .mzp file, it’ll install everywhere correctly.



To reset the configuration .ini file in the Listener window (Maxscript->MAXScript Listener) type and hit [enter]:


To reset the position of the Relink Bitmap’s dialog window (in case it gets stuck off screen) type:


If you want to run the function ‘sceneRelinkBitmaps’ from your script you just need to detect if two .mse files are where they should be, run the following first, then you can call sceneRelinkBitmaps without the user opening Relink Bitmaps

if doesFileExist ((getDir #userScripts)+"\\Relink Bitmaps\\C_Lib.mse") and doesFileExist ((getDir #userScripts)+"\\Relink Bitmaps\\Relink_Lib.mse") and doesFileExist ((getDir #userScripts)+"\\Relink Bitmaps\\Relink Bitmaps.mse") then ( 
   fileIn ((getDir #userScripts)+"\\Relink Bitmaps\\C_Lib.mse") quiet:true 
   fileIn ((getDir #userScripts)+"\\Relink Bitmaps\\Relink_Lib.mse") quiet:true 
   fileIn ((getDir #userScripts)+"\\Relink Bitmaps\\Relink Bitmaps.mse") quiet:true 
) else (
   MessageBox "Relink Bitmaps files are not in the default installation path.  Try reinstalling."

Relink Bitmaps has the ability to run automatically via the command line, here is the syntax:

sceneRelinkBitmaps searchArr ignoreCase:true ignoreExtension:false recursive:true undoOn:true lowMemory:false allMaps:false
/* sceneRelinkBitmaps – Relinks bitmaps in the current scene
append to returnMissingBitmaps() function for adding more kinds of assets to relink
searchArr: an array of directories to search
ignoreCase: true or false
recursive: true of false
undoOn: true or false
lowMemory: true or false
progress: progressBar link to update progress */

/* sceneRelinkBitmaps – Relinks bitmaps in the current scene
searchArr: an array of directories to search, ie. #(“C:/maps”,”D:/maps”)
ignoreCase: true or false
ignoreExtension: true or false
recursive: true of false
undoOn: true or false
lowMemory: true or false
allMaps: true or false
progress: progressBar link to update progress, will update the .value in this while it relinks */

If you’re having problems with the script run it and in the listener type:

setDebugMode on

and send me the output and what you did so I can track it down for you asap

Previous Changelogs:

New in Version 2.04

  • Added an option to Relink All Bitmaps and not just missing ones.  The checkbox “All Maps” should do the trick.
  • Fixed a bug with the licensing system, if you have requested a license in the past and it wasn’t working, please email [email protected] your new request code (Generated by clicking the “Donate!” button).  Old License files will continue to work, but they now have a new format
  • Command Line support added for “All Maps” feature (check the FAQ at the bottom for syntax)
  • The new version deletes your “Relink Bitmaps.ini” file because new features have been added to it, this is to prevent errors.  Reconfigure manually.
  • Fixed the icon not showing up properly after install (Thanks Artur)

New in Version 2.03

  • Changed the script path to use the user’s local scripts path instead of “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3dsMax 20##\”, this should eliminate problems with needing administrator rights to install the script.
  • Added the option to ignore the file’s extension allowing you to relink .jpgs to .tifs with ease.  Note: it will use whichever one it finds first.
  • Corrected a bug with the “Find” button which would induce a crash if it was clicked with nothing in it.

New in Version 2.02

  • Added a user requested option to delete all missing maps in a scene
  • Fixed a bug with find a material producing an error

Older Versions:

Relink Bitmaps 2.0
Relink Bitmaps 2.01
Relink Bitmaps 2.02
Relink Bitmaps 2.03
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284 thoughts on “Relink Bitmaps

  1. Bruno Carnevalli

    The script was working on max 2014 and windows 7, but i´ve just installed windows 8.1 and it freezes when i press the relink button!
    Anyone having the same problem???

  2. dan

    Hey colin, just started using this script in MAX 2013 – works perfectly, But when i use it in 2014 – it wont catch onto using hte latest 2.0.6 update, everytime i re-open max it hits back to 2.0.5 – and for some reason it seems to loose all my quick links?

    any words of wisdom

  3. Elena

    It worked just perfect but then one day i’ve got:

    Runtime error: $directory not recognized etc.

    Runnig the mzp file with maxscript doesn’t help at all.

  4. Stephen Sherry

    Hi Colin, Great script. I was wondering it would be possible to show shortcuts in the browser. They don’t show up. Is there a reason for this?

  5. theedge

    Since I updated to 2.06 I frequently get this kind of error message :
    — Runtime error : $directory not recognized: $_mask_windows.jpg

  6. Colin Post author

    I will have this fixed for 2.07 (coming very soon) Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Do you by chance have a file called “$_mask_windows.jpg”? This error happens when a filename contains “$” at the beginning. I’ll fix it asap.

  7. Colin Post author

    I will check into this. You mean when you press “Browse” you want to see the standard Windows browse dialog with all of your shortcuts etc?

  8. Jorgen

    Hi Colin. I’ve been using this script for a while, but recently the toolbars started to appear off screen. And unfortunately, your resetPosition() only returns an “undefined” and does nothing to the toolbars. I’m able to Win+Shift+move the first of the toolbars (usually the donate window) back, but I’m not able to go further than that.

    Also, keep up the good work!

  9. Clive

    I have this similar problem with the rest after update to v2.06. “Runtime error: directory not recognized: $”

    Never have this problem before. Your script is so useful that I have become very dependent on it. Now it suddenly cannot work… I am a bit lost here 🙁 I hope you have a quick/or temporary solution for us. Or is there anyway to revert to previous version? And wait for the 2.07 update for the fix. Thanks Colin!

  10. 3dpan

    Thank you for the update and this great script!
    But I didn’t really like switching filenames and path places and I like it more the way it was before.
    Is there a chance to add a toggle button next update?

    Great job!

  11. Francisco

    Outstanding script, thanks!

    Would it be possible to have the ability to relink maps inside the displace modifier? Displace modifiers are commonly used nowadays mainly in 3D people.

  12. eric

    thanks for this very good Script, but i have a problem use it, “you dont have permission to save in this location” came up sometimes when i link to a local network computer,hope you can tell me whats wrong with it ,thanks again.

  13. fajar

    Your newest 2.07 didnt work properly , I got getSaveFileName() where theres “select the path in filename” instead getSavePath (), where it cant work while I navigate to another directory. Can I get getSavePath () instead when I press browse button.

  14. Ryan

    Hi Colin

    I can’t find the Relink Bitmaps file on the Scripts, I just have DWG.Interop, FlinghtStudio and Startup file. I didn’t see “Relink Bitmaps” file

    I downloaded v2.07

  15. Jon

    I love this script and use it almost daily in working on large architectural scenes, however when I updated to 2.07 I noticed the following problem and wondered if anyone else has experienced the same.

    I select a folder with a number of textures to re-link and successfully they are removed from the stack of missing files, then I select the next folder to link a number of files it successfully re-links them and removes them from the stack, but the previous files all show up again as missing and this goes back and forth with the same problem, but it doesn’t happen to every set of files?

  16. Nestor Sarmiento

    Hi! I’ve been using the script for long time now. It worked just fine until I updated to version 2.07. I suppose i had the same problem as Jon.

    I solved it by downgrading to version 2.06.

    Thanks a lot. Will be donating one of this days.

  17. Ekon

    Colin, thanks for the script. In a fresh Max 2013 install, the button icon (new toolbar) is empty, no text no icon. Any light on this?


  18. Chris

    Hi Colin-

    I’ve been using relink bitmaps for quite a while now and ran into an issue for the first time in Max 2015. when I open Max a window comes up twice saying this:

    Relink Bitmaps is now installed!
    To run it goto:
    Customize->Customize User Interface->Toolbars
    Category:”ColinScripts”and drag”Relink Bitmaps” to a toolbar.
    Click the toolbar icon to runit!

    I’ve done this during setup and it still appears. Not the end of the world, but just annoying, any thoughts on how to get rid of this issue. I am on the most current version 2.07

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  20. Mohit


    I am getting unknown system exception error…I am using max 2011 version…It was working fine but from last 2 days its giving this error and I have installed relink bitmap v2.07 but when I select a patha nd click relink button my max crashes.

    Please help!!!!

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  22. Colin Post author – Thank you very much for the nice words about Relink Bitmaps on your blog. I appreciate it. Let me know if I can help in any way.


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  24. Victor

    Hello, I have a problem with version 2.07, when I press the button strip missing paths the script does not find the files.
    (sorry for my English)

  25. Colin Post author

    I will check into this. Strip missing paths basically does what the Max Asset Tracker does and just removes the path to the file. It will only strip the paths of missing bitmaps to my knowledge.

    It’s really a slightly unnecessary button, you can do other things instead of stripping the paths, like just relinking them to a new location (if you want to do this enable “All Bitmaps” checkbox and pick a new location, all of the newly found bitmaps will now be relinked to the other location (if they’re found).

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  28. Gerald

    First i want to thank you for this awesome script.

    I tried to run sceneRelinkBitmaps from script as described above. I get this error:

    — Error occurred in debug(); filename: C:\Users\w3\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2015 – 64bit\ENU\scripts\Relink Bitmaps\C_Lib.mse; position: 2662; line: 102
    — Defined in encrypted script
    — called in sceneRelinkBitmaps(); filename: C:\Users\w3\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2015 – 64bit\ENU\scripts\Relink Bitmaps\Relink_Lib.mse; position: 12832; line: 329
    — Defined in encrypted script
    — Type error: if-test requires BooleanClass, got: undefined

    If i run Relink Bitmap from Toolbar first and then run the code everything works. Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?
    I´m using Max2015 and Version 2.07.


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  35. George Chianese

    Can you tell me how to reinstall the license file. Just upgraded max and forgot how to do it.

  36. Magnus Johansson


    I get runtime error when starting ( relink bitmap )

    I have a folder with the latest download from your site in script folder. I try to install it from maxscript / run script.

    However it works from the mse file. But I wanna put it in an toolbar like before.

    Im getting confused here. Don´t remember how I made it work the last time…

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  38. Laiza

    Hello, I´m with the same problem above “incompatible types 734745and undefined”, witch you answerd to the e-mail. Could you send me too, please?
    Thank you!

  39. Rodrigo Zoreda

    Hi Collin!
    Thanks for the script
    Im so sad because in 2.08 the browsing interface its diferent. I used to access to favorites bar or the History slot. Its there any reason why change? or anyway to use de 2.07 interface? Thaks


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  41. Luis

    Great script. I would like to donate for sure if I can get one request. Can you allow for a path to be typed, instead of searched? Corona renderer needs exact network path to work:

    Since I can only search, it uses N:\ instead of \\networkaddress

    Does that make sense?
    Thanks again.

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