My Philosophy: Everyone’s time is valuable, more so than we realize.  We are confined to only being able to do so much in a lifetime.  I write these scripts to save you time; with the intention that with your time saved you’ll be able to spend more time with the people that you love and not at work.  Now save yourself some time, and continue investing in the important people in your life.

That’s why my personal scripts will always be free with encouraged donations of whatever amount you like.


3DSMax Scripts:


Relink Bitmaps

  • Relinks Missing scene assets, like bitmaps, vray proxies, hdr, ies files and more.

Teague Scene Checker (for V-Ray)

  • Checks the scene for known issues with V-Ray so you get optimized rendering.

Set Render Elements (for V-Ray) 

  • Sets up all your render element paths based on the output filename you currently have (Max output/VRay frame buffer both supported).  Creates a subset of folders in the same folder as your OutputFilename called “#OutputFilename#_Elements” and creates folders for your elements and assigns their paths there.  If you’re using the VRay Frame buffer it also turns on SplitGBuffer to saving out to those folders.  Just set your outputfilename and click the button.

OpenGL Previews

  • Automatically create OpenGL previews of all the cameras in your scene in a single click.


  • Allows you to render a sequence of “tweaked” object properties, material properties, modifier properties, and renderer properties.


  • Instantly loads the selected objects material in the material editor, saving you a few clicks (my favorite).

Select Objects By Material

  • Selects all scene objects with the selected material.  Similar to the button on the Material Editor “Select By Material” however this one will select all objects (even if they’re hidden/frozen).

Photoshop Selected Material

  • Select a material, and use the script to automatically open photoshop and all of the bitmaps of the selected material.

Batch Merge

  • Merge multiple files (obj, max, 3ds, etc) into a scene quickly and easily.

Easy Camera Along Path  (VRayPhysCam included)

  • Script to let you draw a spline and automatically assign a camera to the spline and a Path_Constraint() that follows the path.

Find Coinstances

  • With Multiple Objects selected it will find objects that are cloned on top of each other resulting in animation flickering.
  • With a Single object selected it will find and select faces that are coinstanced.

Find Large Bitmaps

  • FindLargeBitmaps is a quick script to search for bitmaps in your scene that are bigger than a specified dimension or file size.

MapLoader v1.3

  • Loads the specified map type  into the material editor that exist in the scene.  Very straightforward.  Support for special Mental Ray Maps and VRay Maps included.

Matte Pass Manager

  • This script creates Matte Passes by layers, and works with XRefs.  Allowing you to quickly matte out a scene via layered organization.


  • This script will select all other faces that have a similar area (defined by your threshold limit).

56 thoughts on “Scripts

  1. Mak

    Hello Collin
    Your work worthy and great.
    Can you publish a script for archiving max files automatically in batchmode.
    I have about hundreds of max files to archive one by one is tedious.
    Thanks again for your efforts.

  2. Tanguy Bodivit

    Hey Colin,
    I do have a wierd behavior on the Relink one in 2016. It is not showing up, on any of my stations, any idea ?
    I am running 8.1 or 10, both 64bits and same result.

    Thank you,


  3. thanh

    Hello! thanks for amazing Script. But i have problem with newest RelinkBitmap v2.10 when i user windows7 PRO. when i start 3dsmax i received Dialog notice about Max Script Error.
    That problems not occur with windows 10.
    Thank you!

  4. Paulo

    Hi mr. Collin,
    My name is Paulo and I really would like to thank you for all the tools you developed.
    Im trying to make a single in concept but maybe difficult in programing tool
    I want to create an all cameras to batch render with elements setup (via presets)
    Veay is amazing but it really lacks the simplicity of saving elment via max buffer or another solution.
    As far i could check it out on the web, the only way to do it is by saving a preset for every camera in the scene and then using it for batch render.

    Can you help me?

  5. Luther

    I’m having trouble using find coinstances. The script is loaded fine but when I slect an object and run thescript nothing happens. Running 3dsMax 2017

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