Colin-Senner Technical Artist Resume

I’m a highly experienced CG artist who loves solving technical problems. For the past 13 years I’ve worn many hats and created work for VR, film, animation, marketing, and concept development. I’ve shaped studio pipelines through programming tools that remove technical hurdles for artists. As a skilled artist myself, I’m able to hit the ground running and jump into production. My career as an artist is directly linked to my passion for coding. I have a strong programming background in both high and low-level languages with a focus on reverse engineering native applications.


3dsmax ***** Nuke ***** Substance Designer  ***** After Effects *****
ZBrush ***** Maya ***** Substance Painter ***** Davinci Resolve *****
V-Ray ***** Unreal Engine ***** Photoshop  ***** Hex-Rays IDA *****
Modo ***** Unity ***** Premiere    ***** x64dbg / Ghidra *****


C++ ***** Python **** Machine-Learning  ***** Javascript *****
C ***** C# ***** x86/64 Assembly ***** Google Cloud *****


Owner ColinSennerLLC | Seattle, WA
My company creates visuals that help people find and tell their stories through technology. This role relies on my ability to listen while closely managing my time, project priorities, and client budgets.

  • Butter – (Motion Graphics) I worked with the director of the film ‘Butter’ to create the title sequence. It was an exciting challenge to emulate the Monty Python style animations and collaborate closely on such creative content. The production team was so pleased with the result that they asked me to design the poster and studio logo.
  • Green Cubes Technology – (VR) Green Cubes asked me to define how to best showcase their new product line of industrial carts.  I modeled, textured and programmed a VR solution, which they used to attract investors and share their carts with potential customers.
  • Larson Upholstery – (CG) I created 3D models of custom motorcycle seats to showcase all combinations of seat, leather, and thread colors for their website, allowing them to show off all artisanal finishes of their beautifully handcrafted products in their storefront.
Sept. 2018 – Present
Senior Lead 3D Visualization Designer
Teague | Seattle, WA

As a Senior Lead I managed and supported well over 100 projects from concept to delivery for our external clients and internal teams. These ranged from 2-3 minute animations to fully interactive VR environments. I designed and implemented all custom tools for our specific workflows.

  • Bake Tools – (Maxscript) I researched, designed and created a pipeline to take textures from our real-time work in Unity into 3dsmax for rendering with V-Ray. This included a suite of maxscripts to render maps directly out of V-Ray to PBR textures and back with a single click, cutting the team’s workload in half. 
  • Mask Map Generator – (C#) I wrote a tool that allowed artists to easily pack maps together when working with Teague’s custom Unity shader. I then wrote a series of scripts to automate the tool into Teague’s pipeline. This reduced the time it took to prepare textures from one minute to a second. 
Sept. 2010 – Sept. 2018
Lead 3D Artist
Arnold Imaging | Kansas City, MO

I began as a Junior artist and over the course of 2 years became a Lead working on award-winning architecture visualizations. I created many architectural animations and stills that helped reshape the Kansas City skyline, most notably the Power and Light district.

  • Relink Bitmaps – (Maxscript) I created Relink Bitmaps in 2009 to save time when switching between my work and home computer. I shared it with the community and to date Relink Bitmaps has been run 14 million times in the past 3 years alone, with over half a million installations. It has spun-off many YouTube translated tutorials and grew far beyond what I thought possible. I still maintain it and speak with users daily.
Aug. 2006 – Apr. 2009

I work on all kinds of projects in my free time and especially enjoy learning how things work by deconstructing them.

  • Counter-Strike Global Offensive Bug Bounty – (Python, C++, x86 ASM) I leveraged AFL fuzzer to fuzz the CS:GO server as a technical exercise and learn more about fuzzing implementations and workflow. I found a vulnerability in the CS:GO server (srcds.exe) that allowed for arbitrary memory disclosure and a 100% reliable crash. This crash can be triggered on Team Fortress 2, CS:GO, DOTA 2, and is likely to trigger a crash in any source dedicated server game. The full report was submitted on by the user @alwaysbefuzzing and is pending full disclosure.
May 2019
  • RTTI Plugin – (C++) I wrote a plugin for the x64dbg community to recover run-time type information from x86/x86_64 binaries, which saves valuable time when reversing. Source code:
Apr. 2019
  • NES Paperboy – (Embedded systems) I desoldered a Paperboy NES ROM chip from the board, dumped the data, modified the original instructions of the 6502 processor and wrote the game back onto a physical chip to play on the original NES hardware.
Mar. 2015


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interactive Design and Game Development
Savannah College of Art and Design
GPA: 3.88 / 4.0
2002 – 2006

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  1. Jim Lammers

    Hi Colin, thanks for the cool max scripts. Chad Koerner works here and told me about you after I asked (saw your notes on the VRay forums where I was studying notes on 2.0 of VRay today). If you are ever in Lees Summit feel free to drop by!
    best regards,

  2. Muhannad Olabi

    Hi Colin, it’s really a great job what you’re doing
    I need some help in max script, I tried e-mailing you but your e-mail address doesn’t work..
    is there any new e-mail address?

    Best wishes,
    Muhannad Olabi

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